Each soul is My favorite….

Source: Each soul is My favorite….




How many times can someone start all over? Once or twice. Maybe Infinite. I’m sure we always have time to reinvent our life. Certainly there is  no limit of time for taking a new road. Being strong and alive are the only real requirements to take control of your life. But it is not easy. My life, for example, keeps changing again and again, I’m married now and therefore, it’s getting more and more complicated every single day. My first and only marriage, with the help of God till death due us part . Being married for me has been kind of being a gypsy. Traveling back and forth because of my my husband job and because of my studies. So of course I have decided to start a blog again and share what I have learned until today. 

Something about me: I am a professional in Advertising and Marketing and I also have an Associate in Broadcast Journalism. I finished my  Advertising and Public Relations studies at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and I’m looking for a meaningful job that will help other people grow and develop their own skills. Like I said, I want to contribute to make this a better world for me, my husband, my family, friends and my future children so I trust in God that I will be able to achieve my goals. 

Purpose of the blog: in this my third blog, I’ll continue posting about my  journey to discover my purpose in life inside our very complex but amazing world. I’ll show you a little of my work and creations, so I hope you enjoy it.

Expectation: I’m like everyone else.  I keep learning and searching. And I want that whatever you read here will help you in some way. Remember you’re never alone. God has bless me in many ways and is still around in the world. I don’t want to make this a religious blog. It is just something that has made a great difference for me. So if you’re still searching for meaning, this is what I have learned: God is everywhere and will help you if you ask him.



Although the road to your destiny is sometimes unclear, and it is usually very long and hard; it is certainly worth living and moving forward,  for all the new experiences that you will have.

So keep working and learning and moving forward!

Discover your own path in life. It is  difficult, but everything is done on your own terms and with your own hands.

But every time you stop,  remember to give thanks for all that you have.

Please, don’t take anything for granted, especially people, or you might miss valuable lessons that will quickly pass you by.  

I have always been a very insightful girl. During my growth I truly became a very inquisitive woman. As the years passed, that particular ability marked me with a sense of maturity unusual for someone my age, and I believe most people around me wondered about that. I can only say that I was the kind of girl who would sit down at a table for hours and have a very mature conversation with my grandmother’s friends. People seem to enjoy talking to me and telling me their secrets and problems. It was easy for me to give advice. However, finding my own answers was the problem. Although I did ask many people for advice, the answers were mostly, “you have to make your own decisions.”

And so I did. Step after step, I seemed to move between dreams and reality. Forever searching my path, the world grew and I learned. In fact, learning has always been the one constant. I have learned from my parents, my brothers, my teachers, my relatives, my friends, and everyone I ever met. Every day was a new opportunity for growth. And the weeks passed, then the months, then the years.  At the end, the answers I found were the following:

  Trust in God, and he will show you the way. But only you can decide to listen and trust him with your life. There’s nothing to be afraid of, but regret. Love is the meaning of life, so love as much as you can. Learning is the key to success. You can learned from everything and everyone. People are essential in your life… appreciate what they offer you.

God’s blessings and much happiness for you now and forever!!!